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Michael Peter Borges

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What a coincidence! I’ve been pretty busy too! Frankly, I wish I had done a much better job of staying in touch — not just with you but with several other people.

This is one of many ways you can write to me, though I believe it’s only semi-private. I think this forum is set up so that people you are “friends” with can all read and write onto your profile page (like this). You can always send me a private email at [email protected] — and you’re always welcome to call me. My cell phone number is 646-287-3599.

I’m the administrator of this forum, and the rules are the same as you would expect at camp: assume good faith on the part of others; be constructive; refrain from personal attacks — nothing I have to worry about with you. This forum is new, but if you’re on Facebook, there is a Facebook group with about 1000 members. I can send you a link if you’d like.

How’s your chess game these days?


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Mikes! So glad you decided to join our little forum. Hopefully we can get a real conversation started.

How have you been? I don’t expect you to summarize the last 15 years, but … well, yes I do actually expect you to summarize the last 15 years! It really is great to hear from you!